This week I’m in Long Island visiting family before I make my way to Northern California. Every time I’m in Long Island I make it a point to visit New York City. I love New York City for a variety of reasons, one of which is the architecture.

It’s impossible to visit the city or to even think of NYC without confronting head on the concrete and steel megaliths that line the streets.

On my walk to and from the Long Island Rail Road in Penn Station, I often walk past the Empire State Building. Usually I’ll stop and peer up. I really enjoy the street side view, which requires me to bend my neck as far back as possible, so that I can see the top of the building.

Standing there I often ponder, “How was this built?

Yet this question does such a poor job of relaying what I’m truly wanting to know, which is “How did this (pointing up into the sky), how did this happen?

My question isn’t so much a question as it is a statement and declaration of awe, an admission of the magnitude and magnificence of what towers before me into the canopy of the New York City skyline.


Have you ever stood before something, some form of creation and simply pondered its grandiosity? Pondered how it happened? How it came to be?

History has given us so many opportunities to do so. Whether the Great Pyramids of Giza, The Great Wall of China, Petra in Jordan, Machu Picchu, The Taj Mahal, The Colosseum in Italy, or the 1st place Sand Castle entry in a local competition. The structure, the thing, the creation, doesn’t matter so much as whether or not it puts you into a state of awe and introspection.

To the engineers, designers, drafters, architects, planners and skilled laborers who contributed to the creation of the Empire State Building, there’s no magic and there’s certainly no mystery to how the structure ‘happened’? Thousands of pages of documents - blueprints, plans, permits, contracts, diagrams, drafts, bills, invoices, thousands of phone calls - the orchestrating of hundreds of resources including capital, labor, manpower, horsepower, and thousands upon thousands of hours of mental energy…

The point is, to you or I, to someone on the outside of the final creation, what appears before our eyes appears as a miracle, manifested by some kind of magic that transcends what the mind can rationally and logically grasp.

We don’t necessarily know how it happened, but we know it happened.

In “What the Fuck is a Disease - Part 1” I shed light on the concept that the symptoms you are experiencing in your body, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, are only the tip, the 10% of the iceberg that you can perceive by the means of your five senses. The other 90% of your diagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms is what you cannot sense - it is the mass of the iceberg that lies below the waters edge. You cannot taste, touch, see, smell or hear, yet the mass of iceberg, the majority of your ‘disease’ is there and it’s what lies just beyond the limits of your perceptive capacities.

Furthermore I distinguished that a disease is simply a name, a label or a mask of sorts, that classifies, categorizes and/or characterizes a particular set of symptoms and signs. When we take off the mask, what we’re left with is nothing more than the 10% of what we’re experiencing in our body.

If “What the Fuck is a Disease” was the Yin then “How the Hell Did this happen?” is the Yang. Here in part 2, unlike part 1, I’m going to be speaking very practically.

Just as we ponder when standing before a structure that defies our rational mind, we ponder when standing before a diagnosis. Just as we cannot avoid the grandiosity of the megaliths that protrude into the sky of NYC, we cannot avoid the grandiosity of the megaliths that plague our bodies.

Similarly, just as we wonder, “How the hell did this this happen?” when standing before a structure that stretches the boundaries of our mind, we can’t help but to ask, how the hell did this happen, when a symptom stretches the boundaries of our self-defined concept.

Naturally we ask;

  • How did this cystic acne happen?
  • How did this Lyme Disease happen?
  • How did this Prostate Cancer happen?
  • How did this Type 1 Diabetes happen?
  • How did this High Cholesterol happen?
  • How did this rash across my back happen?
  • How did these swollen and ballooned legs happen?

How the hell did this, (insert symptom or diagnosis) happen?

Why do we even care? I mean really, have you ever thought about this?

What value does knowing afford you? What does knowing grant you access to? Why is not knowing worse than knowing? What do you think you’ll get from knowing how this happened?

Simple questions with profound answers. So let’s explore a bit.

First, for clarity it’s absolutely imperative to distinguish that for any diagnosis or symptom, there’s two components - the 10% and the 90%.

Which of these we’re referring to when asking the question, “How the Hell Did This Happen” will determine our answer, because there’s an answer for each and those answers are not the same.

In this essay I intend to answer for the 10% because for most people this is what’s most critical to solve.

So when asking, “How Did This Happen?” what we’re wanting to know is, how did we get from a healthy body to an unhealthy body, from a body devoid of symptom to one riddled with symptom.

How did we get from there to here and how the hell did this happen? A seemingly natural expression of curiosity and inquisitiveness.

There’s this law, you may have heard of it, called the law of cause and effect. For every effect there is a cause and for every cause there is an effect.

The Empire State Building, The Taj Mahal, and The Great Wall of China are results, outcomes, or effects.

The 10%, the symptoms we are experiencing are also results, outcomes or effects. The symptoms and signs, those physical, concrete and tangible things you’re aware of, are an effect of some cause.

The Empire State Building, the structure that we can perceive with our senses, the 10%, has a cause - the skilled professionals and laborers who tired to design and build it. They caused it into creation.

If the symptom you’re experiencing is an effect it must have a cause, yet to Western Medicine cause remains a mystery.

This is why an industry exists founded on the promise of a cure. Yet, how can you cure something, a symptom, when you don’t know what causes that which you’re seeking to cure?

For those who demolish buildings, knowing how the building was built, how the structure was assembled, aids and informs in the designing of a plan that will successfully bring the building down. The building is created and then it is uncreated. This building is created through a highly detailed, organized, and strategic plan and is demolished through a highly detailed, organized and strategic plan.

Whether one is building or demolishing, both are a form of creation and creation is by no means haphazard.

How can we uncreate what plagues our body, if we don’t know how it was created?

As far as I’m concerned, we can’t - without this knowledge we’re like a deer in headlights.

We try and try and try annnndddd trrrrryyyyyy, hoping something will work, that something will give us results, meaning that something will result in the dismantling of our symptom. We hope and pray that something will give us the means by which we can uncreate what was created in our body.

We want to know what we need to do, to undo what was done.

See, that’s the thing, what we are experiencing in our body, the symptoms, the 10%, they don’t just happen, they don’t just appear out of thin air, a magician doesn’t wave his wand and suddenly a rash appears, a cyst forms, or a valve collapses.

No, it just doesn’t work that way.

Creation is not haphazard.

Any creation that we can perceive whether the heads scattered across Easter Island or the cacophony of symptoms too far to count, experienced by individuals of every race and walk of life, those creations, given the fact we can perceive them, came into creation by way of physical operations, processes and procedures.

Imagine a steel beam, any one of the 1000's found in a skyscraper. Whether we're talking about the recycling of old automobiles, appliances and industrial waste, melting that recycled material in a high heat furnace, skimming for impurities, adding chemical additives to attain precise metallurgical properties, casting the liquid steel, cooling, reheating, forming, straightening or cutting - that beam, ultimately came into creation via operations, processes and procedures.

Imagine I were standing next to the head honcho, the person responsible for managing all construction activities related to the Empire State Building and asked him, “How the hell did this building happen?

His answer would probably be both thorough and insightful - he would probably share with me the countless operations and processes that it took to build what I’m now staring at.

To me the building is mysterious and magical, but to him it’s not - how the building came to be is both practical, explainable and straightforward.

Physical reality, the reality we perceive through our fives senses, comes into creation through physical processes.

Similarly, in a highly detailed, organized, and strategic way, orchestrated via physiological operations and processes, symptoms are created. They are a result, just as the wall or the towers of NYC are a result.

It’s easy to ignore our role in the creation of symptoms, otherwise we would have to venture into the murky waters of the 90% and that can feel dangerous.

Instead, we focus on the 10% and come up vastly short of the goal line when looking for answers. Ask you’re doctor how the hell this happened and you’re likely to get a shoulder shrug. The best and most advanced solution the medical paradigm can conjure up is to blame our body for its faulty or flawed design and functioning - for its defects.

It’s 2015, what the fuck. Get with the program.

Lacking answers, lacking the belief that any physical explanation exists, we ultimately turn to trial and error and possibly spiritual or energetic approaches to address what lies beyond our comprehension.

Construction for the Empire State Building began on March 17th, 1930 and completed on April 11th, 1931. It took 390 days to create the physical form and it took millions of operations and processes for me to be able to gawk in awe at this structure.

Whether you’re aware or not, every single day your body is working tirelessly, creating the symptoms that one day suddenly or unexpectedly come into the field of your awareness.

These creations happen by means of physiological processes and operations, no different than the way in which the structures that inspire us were built.

The 10% of your disease that you can perceive via your senses was created by processes, procedures and operations. Period.

I was once a Manufacturing Research & Development Engineer for a large Aerospace Corporation. One of the projects I worked on was related to manufacturing various inner structural components of the carbon fiber nose section of the new Boeing 787. In my role I collaborated with many process and operations engineers on the manufacturing floor.

Processes and operations, whether automated or manual, require instructions and once instructions are provided those processes and operations are programmed and can execute on demand.

I like million dollar questions, so here’s one for you.

Where do the instructions come from that inform the physical processes and operations that create your symptoms!?

Think about it.

Keep thinking.

Do you have an answer?

Please…stop and think for just a moment.

Ok, fine.

I’ll give you the answer.

Here it is.

They come from you, you are the source of the instructions.

What you consume, by way of what you eat, drink, breathe, and put on your skin are the instructions by which you inform the processes of your body as to what to create.

It’s as simple as that. You are the programmer.

Despite what a former endocrinologist once told me when I was 9 years old, our body isn’t flawed or faulty, it’s fucking perfect.

Programmed with instructions, our body creates, by way of operations, processes and procedures and what the body creates is determined by what you ingest via your actions.

To suggest that the cause is a mystery is pure ignorance.

It is us who consciously or unconsciously instructs the body to create the symptoms we would rather be free of. Our body follows our command, just as the laborers follow the commands and instructions of the foreman.

So, where does the flaw lie, if a flaw even exists as that Endo believed?

Is it in the program, the processes and procedures that execute the program, or within the programmer?

I’ll leave this one for you to answer.

If the instructions for what is created on the physical come from what you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin then where do the instructions for those instructions come from?

Great question.

Those instructions come from beyond the physical, from the non-physical material of the 90% that you cannot perceive. To go there and to ‘reprogram’ those instructions would require one to change how they are living and that’s uncomfortable and requires real work, real fucking change.

So we focus on the physical, hoping, like the camper whose matches are wet, that some match will strike a spark and produce results of some kind.

Some are fortunate to find that match and experience results and for others, they keep striking, they reach for another match, into the bottomless match box - like myself.

How deep each must reach, is unique to the individual and that soul's journey.

So, here’s the kicker. Lets say at best you knew with 100% clarity and precision how your disease or symptom came into form on the physical and at worst you were doing the whole trial and error thing, totally lost and confused.

Either way, you would want to know exactly what to do, to undo this creation? You would want to know how to uncreate this undesired creation, right?

Your focus would be on ‘doing’, on an action plan so as to create what you desire - a healthy body devoid of symptoms.

This is where most people get lost, in the doing, they forget, ignore, or dismiss the ‘being’ component.

Yet, if you only changed your actions, if you were to change only what you were consuming, without changing the instructions that determine your actions, then how can you really succeed? You haven’t addressed the deeper cause, the cause behind the cause - the instructions behind the instructions. As mentioned in part 1, you would be drilling into a rock expecting oil and that won't get you much.

Your body is a blank canvas and you paint this canvas through your actions. The final painting is an effect whose cause lies in your actions, in your brush strokes.

What I’ve learned on my journey and with those I’ve worked with is that there are many layers of cause and effect.

I’ve learned not to judge creation, I just observe it. Nor do I judge the symptoms I’m experiencing - I observe them, knowing they have a message to deliver, which can help to unpack and unknot the 90% of the ‘disease’ I cannot perceive.

As we learned in Part 1, disease is an iceberg and ice floats. You cannot heal your symptoms by attempting only to chip away at the part of the iceberg that you can perceive with your senses, the part that floats.

There’s simply more to the equation, more to the iceberg, though starting with what you can perceive and understanding how it happened, is a great place to enter the game.

Regardless of what the medical paradigm would have you believe, what’s happening in your body is explainable in a way you may not even know exists.

From the outside, as an observer of your symptoms, they may not make sense, but that does not preclude the fact and the truth that an explanation does exist - just as the foreman of the Empire State Building could attest to.

→ If you’d like to discuss what’s happening in your body, if you would like to know 'how the hell' it happened, if you’re looking for some real fucking answers, if you’d like to better understand the operations, processes and procedures by which your symptoms were created, or you want to know what to do and why to do it, then click to schedule a complimentary 45-minute call with me. I’ll do this for the first 7 people who respond.

The symptoms plaguing you or your body are far more explainable than you or most of the world’s professional medical population would believe. The answers you seek are far closer than you realize and as the saying goes, what you’re seeking is seeking you.

What are you going to do about it?