Scorpionic Musings from Your Shaman/Sadhu/Rasta/Rabbi

In a not so distant past, you were either in the matrix or, fortunately for you, out of it.

Black or white, no grey.

Are you in or are you out?

Yet through years of deep inner work, a shedding of what’s not, and a remembering of what is, I’ve come to ask a different question.

Today I ask, "Which matrix are you seeking liberation from?”

For as I've come to discover on my journey of mastery, there are indeed shades of grey when it comes to the color of the matrix.

Right now I, and some of you, are “watching” two movies.

In one movie, cryptocurrency is here for the benefit of all. In the other movie, cryptocurrency is paving the way for the demise of humanity.

Illusions and Delusions.

You see, both are true and false simultaneously, and as far as I’m concerned this demonstrates the inherent holographic nature of our reality.

Like the contents of a 9mm movie reel projected upon a screen, many movies are projecting simultaneously, into the collective movie theater of consciousness.

Which movie you watch, which you allow to project upon the one and only screen of your awareness, depends upon which movie gets your attention.

And that’s why your attention is the most prized commodity on this planet.

Anyone seeking to gain, to profit, is in some shape or form, fighting for your attention, for he who controls your attention, controls what movie you watch, controls what matrix you live in, controls what rules you live by and controls what you think you need.

It’s through what you choose (whether consciously or unconsciously) to allow to project upon your awareness, that you come to create the reality you become a character in.

You are not the character in the movie you’re watching on the screen of your awareness. You’re also not the character you know as you, via your direct experience of reality… that too is but a projection, no more real than Batman or Wonderwoman.

I watch as the world around me, as the people around me, seek to change the movie itself—the characters, the acting, the stage, the set, the support crew… circumstances.

Yet ignorance can no longer contain the awareness within me, that my experience of reality, is simply my externalized experience of a particular movie. In Hinduism, they would call that movie, Maya.

I can no longer pretend that there’s anything to change…for the change I perceive, is but only a change in the hologram of reality.

Is what we're seeking to change actually real... is it real-ity?
Or just a movie so seemingly real, that we can't help but believe it to be real?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with change, truly, and value it, for we live in a holographic universe, but just because we think that what we can perceive with our senses is real, does not mean that it’s anything more than a hologram.

Change the hologram, but at least know that you’re changing something unreal; you're changing just a scene in a movie.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of the movie that you’re watching, then change the reel itself—and forget about changing the hologram.

Change the reel, and what's "real" changes as the hologram changes.

The question I ask myself regularly, and I now ask you.

How deep are you willing to go within yourself? Are you so willing, so courageous to venture inward, that what’s happening ‘out there, in the world', that what’s happening as experienced on the movie screen of your reality loses all significance?

What might you lose, if you lost the need to change what’s happening outside of and around you...absolutely any of it? This isn’t about complacency, giving up, or throwing in the towel, rather, this is about a transmutation and redirection of energy.

This is about cutting through the bullshit and pulling the movie projector's power cord from the wall.

I’m consumed with recovering and remembering the infinite worlds within myself, for I know that whatever I fear losing 'out there' or 'in my world' is but a projection of a delusion of attachment from within. Read that again…and again.

There is nothing to lose.

In one matrix you know that when you die, you die. Period. End of Story.

In another matrix, you come to know—and operate with an awareness that can distinguish—that your Spirit is immortal and Body mortal. That when your body perishes, your Spirit continues on to the next adventure.

For me, that knowing once was enough, but no more.

Is that all there is to spiritual liberation?

I think not.

I know not.

Certainly coming to know your Spirit as eternal, timeless, and unchanging is quite a significant milestone on the spiritual journey, yet this belief—for that’s what it is—albeit a more liberating one, is ultimately still in service to death itself.

And death is both the greatest illusion and attachment of all.

So, what might you lose if you lost the greatest attachment of all, your attachment to death?

Don’t think you're attached, then how about you try on this belief, even for a day, that your body is just as immortal as your Spirit?

I dare you.

This is as much a reminder to myself as it is a message to you as together we navigate these complex multidimensional times.

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