I’m intentionally choosing to use a cliche analogy to make a point

Does the acorn yearn to be an oak, uncertain and doubtful of how to become the oak?

Does an acorn look out to an oak and ask of itself what it must do to become that oak?

Does it twist, turn, squirm, doubt and despair who and what it can become?

The acorn, unlike humans, knows no differentiation between itself and the oak.

The acorn and the oak are one and the same as far as the acorn is concerned (if it had a concern in this personified analogy.)

In a sense, an acorn/oak relationship represents the highest expression of what’s possible for us as aspiring humans, when uninhibited by our own blocks to expansion.

We become what we are, just as the acorn becomes what it is, an oak.

Yet, without the blueprint contained within the acorn, the oak could not and would not be.

The oak needs the acorn as much as the acorn needs the oak, for “Self-actualization”

There is no oak without the acorn and vice versa. An acorn is an acorn because of the oak. The oak is an oak because of the acorn.

The oak, though made of matter, emerges from the information contained within the acorn, the genetic blueprint.

Similarly, what we desire—and how that looks in the world when brought to form—emerges from within the body.

The blueprint for our highest expressed form is contained within a field of unseen information—a morphic field, as referred to by Graham Hancock and other contemporaries.

Who we are in this moment gives form to who we are to become and who we are to become could not be if not for who we are in this moment.

In the case of us humans, we tend to think and experience our bodies as the physical manifestation of matter.

Yet, in reality, our body is a field of awareness, contained only by the walls of our own perception.

Our perception limits our experience of our body, which then limits our experience of the world (which is our greater body).

To change our experience of the world, to experience the manifestation of our deepest desires, we must change our perception.

…and the kicker is, perception is changed, not in the mind as most teach, not by simply changing our thoughts, but through expanding our awareness into the limitless field of our body.

Changing our minds happens literally by changing our body, through the expansion of awareness.

So, how do we do this?

By noticing, what we notice as we notice the information we’re receiving via our five senses.

The space between sensation and perception.

This is intimacy with Self, for we are the body.

There is no differentiation (other than the story of our minds) between us and our body; just as there is no differentiation between the acorn and the oak.

We are, they are, one and the same.

To change what’s happening ’out there’ we must change what we’re aware of ‘within here’.

We must access the space between sensation and perception.

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