My mother
Your mother
Our mother
The mother
She has many names
...and many forms
But her essence is the same
Her frequency is felt
Deep in the hearts
Of her children
...and though a man
An aging body
I’m fitted with the timeless heart of a child
The courage of a warrior
I’m scarred
...and I’m scared
I’m tender
...and ferocious
I hurt
...and I heal
Because I feel
My mama
I spiral the spire of my heart
Drop to my knees
I prostrate to the fire
She hears my cries
She feels my pain
She burns
I burn
We burn
Her ashes rain upon my scorched body
I can breathe
She can breathe
She smolders
I laugh
She sparks a smile
She crackles with excitement
Covered In blood, sweat, tears
...and the wrinkles of time
I pick myself up
I look up
...and I see the stars
Her sparks flickering
The ones that made it beyond this body
Hands in prayer
I smile
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
You’re welcome my son
She says with a twinkle
Take this shooting star and make a wish
And so I close my eyes
Lightning bolts life
At the speed of light
My heart takes flight
I make a wish
..and I take a leap
...and she whispers,
It’s ok to weep.
For you are my son.
I am your mother.
Hush little baby
Everything’s gonna be alright.

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