Hi, thank you for being here.

You're invited to experience the healing power—and celebration—of pure, distilled, unconditional brotherly love.

While having known Daniel certainly adds context to this tribute, you do not need to have known him to receive the deep heart medicine contained within this creation.

There are two ways to engage with this tribute. The first (and my recommendation) is to listen to the audio. If this is your choice please read Setting the Container below, before doing so. The second option is to read the transcript of the audio recording.

Either way, I pray that you receive exactly what you're heart needs in this moment.

Setting the Container:

To get the most out of this tribute please carve out one-uninterrupted hour for this journey.

One hour for the musical experience and—if available to you—an additional 10-30 minutes to integrate and transition. I've included twenty-minutes at the end of the audio for integration.

This is not something to simply listen to, pause, and then jump back into...or to listen to while scrolling around the internet.

This is a ceremonial journey (and was designed that way) and requires your full presence—from beginning to end—to receive the transmission that's encoded within the sealed container of this creation.

I invite you to create the space—within and withoutand prepare yourself, however feels aligned, to drop into this sacred and sealed portal of love.

Before you begin, take a moment to set an intention, one from deep within the wellspring of your heart.

What is the prayer of—and for—your heart?

Got it? Good.

Wishing you a beautiful experience,

P.S. - this is best listened to with headphones

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Here are some of my favorite of Daniel's shares:

Stop waiting for the monumental moment :-)

Geplaatst door Daniel Tyler Pohnke op Zaterdag 29 december 2018

Dean switches hands and takes a solo at 40 seconds!!! Oh my oh my!! Full Moon Rising #guitarplayingbaby #babygenius #deanpohnke #love #guitar #bravenewworld #yes #yummie #israel #happydad #musicalfamily

Geplaatst door Daniel Tyler Pohnke op Woensdag 30 januari 2019

Quick in with a song (or 4)...

Geplaatst door Daniel Tyler Pohnke op Vrijdag 6 april 2018

For my family ...

Geplaatst door Daniel Tyler Pohnke op Vrijdag 27 juli 2018

When I saw this beautiful man carry his brothers lifeless body (yet bright spirit) across the cabin of the local train...

Geplaatst door Daniel Tyler Pohnke op Vrijdag 2 november 2018

Daniel & myself at the Spring 2018 Rich Litvin Intensive in Santa Monica, California

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