Or when you realize the only option is to shit your pants or sh*t on the side of the road?

Can you find the humor when you discover you’ve locked your keys in your car?

Or you’ve lost them somewhere along a 10-mile hike and you’re two hours from the nearest town?

Can you find the humor at the moment when you acknowledge your own failure of integrity?

When you could have done better, but didn’t? …and instead you texted him or her in a moment of desperation?

Can you find the humor in the messy moments of life?

The truth is, there’s nothing to find, the humor is there, always.

The question is, will you allow yourself to feel the giggle?

Not find it, but feel it.

We both know sometimes it’s really f****** difficult to laugh.

Like when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer.

And yet, there is profound humor found deep within the Rubix cube of circumstances.

Despite what your mind has already decided is anything but funny.

Call on the Spirit of the Jester within.

An attune to a frequency of humor that supersedes circumstances.

So when you’d rather stand on hot coals, then laugh, make a choice.

A. Keep the frown.

B. Turn it upside down.

Call upon the jester within.




Find the humor in your own resistance, or in how stupid your fake laugh sounds.

Laugh. Even if it’s only a tickle of a sensation in your body.

…and notice what’s different.


If you dare, post a picture of you laughing below, especially in a challenging moment 🙂

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