Something happened.

Before you share the news—the contents of which evoke celebration, heartbreak, sorrow, grief, joy, excitement, or whatever else it may be...

I invite you to be there, with yourself, just a little bit longer.

Call upon stillness.

There you are, in time, space, and place.

You, with you—and the content(s) of your life that you’re holding in your awareness.

Notice the urge and impulse to release this energy, thru sharing.

Notice the impulse to reach out.

Breath, notice, and just be—with yourself as you are—desires and all.

Lean in, within…ever so slightly.

In this space,

You are invited to speak to your Self.

Is your impulse to speak, in silence, within the mind?

Notice this….and let your voice be heard.


Open your mouth and speak.

Let your self hear your Self.

This moment is your podium.

Express your Self, as you are.

Let your heart speak.

...and listen.

This is your authentic, innocent, beautiful voice.

What a precious miracle to behold...

What do you hear?

What do you feel?

How is your heart, touching your heart?

What do you need to say?

What do you want to hear?

What do you want to say?

What do you need to hear?


Acknowledge your Self.

Thank your Self.

Praise your Self.

Honor yourself and all that you’re aware of, even if in the moment, that is nothing.

Honor what you’re holding.

Honor the desire to share.

Speak poetry, if poetry flows.

Or simply say thank you, I love you, if these words are available to you.

What you say, how you say it, or the language you speak, doesn’t actually matter.

Notice you, as awareness, aware of this precious opportunity to hear self speaking to Self...

No intermediary, no separation, divisiveness, fracturing, or fragmentation, no mind, and little to no thought…

Just you, with you, awareness speaking as you...are...the One, that is Self-aware.

You are.

I am.

Look around through the eyes of Self, and notice.

Notice the breeze.

Notice the light landing on the space around you.

Notice the space, the canvas upon which light splatters.

Notice the sounds—the ones you hear and the ones beyond what you can hear.

Notice what you're noticing when you let yourself notice.

Can you see the stillness?

Can you hear the roar of the silence?

Can you feel the texture and quality of the internal passageways through which your emotions flow?

Keep noticing.

Can you be here?

If so, notice.

If not, notice.

What else wants to be said?

What needs to be heard?


Are you complete?


Are you done noticing?

How do you know?

Only you can know when you're ready.

Only you can know when this ritual of sacred reciprocity with Self is complete.

When ready;


Choose to release.

Choose to share.

Then, share.

...and not a moment sooner then when you feel complete in this experience of self-aware solitude.

In sharing, one becomes two.

So, be with the one.

That you are,

...and that I am.

Until complete.