Are you experiencing the symptoms, signs, or signals that something is off with your body? Regardless of what?

For some, it's a cold or a headache.

For others, it may be high blood pressure or cholesterol.

For some, it may be stage 4 liver cancer—or any terminal cancer diagnosis.

For others, these same sirens (or any sirens for that matter) simply aren't enough to get one's attention—and so the body increases the volume, for as long as it needs to.

Sadly, for some, no matter how loud the internal symptomatic sirens, it's never enough to awaken one to what is.

What is?

Disease (in the body) and dis-ease (in the heart).

And what is disease?

A disconnection in disguise.

Disconnection from what?

The body.

And what is the body?

On the one hand, it's the structures—the organs, glands, systems, and all the tissues seen and unseen that make up the physical body.

Yet, as you deepen the connection to your body, you come to realize that this context for knowing the body is nothing more than a cultural concept and unspoken consensus agreement for defining the undefinable.

Through direct experience, you come to know the body as the unconscious and unseen.

And how ironic, paradoxical, and fucking brilliant, that the body has the capacity to manifest the unconscious and unseen through symptoms.

The body can and will make the unseen, seen.

The body can and will turn up the volume to whatever level is required to make the invisible visible, to you.

The body, as needed, when needed, will make itself seen, felt, and known, so you can awaken to the most physical expression of the non-physical, the body.

Then, as you journey from the physical to the non-physical, inevitably you will meet your actual body, as it presents itself through the symptoms of your life.

Those symptoms being all the ways you are out of integrity with yourself, with your truth, and with your knowing.

All the ways you're cheating on your Self.


There's the idea of your life—and the idea of 'you', the one, living that life.

And then there's LIFE and the ONE living life.

In time, as you descend and deepen, you shrinken the gap and dismantle the conceptual structures that stand between idea and experience.

So that you can meet life as it is.

And meet yourself as you truly are.

Stripped naked of story, self-deception, and wishful thinking.

This is you, this is Life, and this is reality.

Not an idea or thought about reality, but the direct experience of reality, as it is.

Now, the seemingly real, purely physical concept of the body—once required to awaken you—has fallen away. For this construct is no longer required, now that you're living in and from reality.

Through trial and tribulation, you may come to realize and know that your symptoms were a highly customized therapeutic cocktail, crafted in the pharmacy of the Divine, to awaken you from the dream of your unique flavor of forgetfulness.

And from within this experience of reality, this sacred Shangri-La, there is no disease, no symptoms, signs or signals—as you had once understood—and no more sirens.

Only Quiet.

This is the bliss of being.

This is the ultimate medicine.

And ironically when you taste this medicine, you come to realize you don't need any more medicine.

For you are the medicine, and always have been.

Now you're connected, conscious, awake.

To Self and to Life—to reality.

And you're at ease.

With what is and with who one is.

...and from this place, Life eternally flows forth from the fountain of youth.

You're in contact and connected with reality as it is and as it emerges.

And with a smile on your face, tears streaming down your cheeks, and open (sometimes shaky) arms, you say yes.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm so blessed.

Thank you Life.

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