Sometimes the very thing that you desire to do, have or experience; or the very aspect that you’re seeking to change, is the very thing that poses the greatest threat to the foundation of your sense of self—and to your world.

So how then can you do, have or experience that thing—or change how you’re showing up in the world—if it fundamentally threatens your survival and the continued perpetuation of what you’re seeking to change—an outdated version of self and reality?

Working this edge requires competency, precision, tenderness and the capacity to expertly navigate the unseen, but felt.

A practitioners capacity to work this edge is what differentiates good coaching from exceptional coaching—and in my opinion, this edge is exactly what warrants a different name for the work, for coaching just doesn’t capture the depth and breadth of the process.

The truth is, the issue isn’t within the realm of the left brain, thoughts, beliefs, or concepts so much as it’s within the realm of the right brain; the soma, the field of the unconscious, the non-conceptual body—that which is unbounded by the mind.

And, of course, the nervous system.

When you’re digging into the mind, no amount of digging can change the fact that you’re digging for gold in the wrong hole.

Strategy, accountability and action plans hold far less significance when your very survival is threatened by what you desire.

It’s not about action or lack thereof so much as it’s about liberating the nervous system of the perceived threat.

Nor is it about your inability to receive (though certainly there may be work to do there).

So much as it’s about feeling safe—in your body—to receive the desires of your heart.

Feeling safe—in your body—to receive the desires of your heart.

When you dig for gold, where gold is known to be, you can’t help but find—and create—gold.

I have space in my practice for 1 woman ready to partner on the journey of a lifetime…. bold words, and your experience will speak for itself, beginning with our first conversation.

Feeling pulled to me, to my heart, to what I share...feeling something within your own heart you'd like to explore in a safe loving container? Shoot me a message and let's start a conversation.

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