Personally, I’ve walked both paths. For many years I chased after—and did—what I thought I needed to do to heal, with a militant vigor. The key word being thought. My healing—and the actions I took—were a function of thought. Sure, there were rewards, but the fruits required immense amounts of labor and the harvest was small.

I would argue this approach is a result of orienting to healing through the lens of the wounded masculine/feminine dynamic.

In this approach, you (regardless of gender) embodying as the wounded masculine do everything and anything to heal what your inner-wounded-feminine counterpart would convince you is broken or damaged. He does whatever he has to do to win her love, including buying into her lie that there’s something that needs to be fixed, rather than healed, even though you may be motivated by your desire ‘to heal’.

This is an internal-codependence.

You think you’re doing the work to heal, but what you’re actually doing is the work to fix what you unconsciously believe is broken to ensure the love of your inner-counterpart, who herself has no love for you, for she has no love to give.

There is a difference, between taking action to heal and action to fix, but you’re too deep in the game you’re playing to realize that what you think, is fundamentally disconnected from what is.

The truth is you’re not ‘doing’ to heal… you’re ‘doing’ to fix what you think is broken.

Your mind is driving your actions.

Breathe that in.

The other way, which with time one evolves into, is the way of the body.

In this approach, your inner-awakened-masculine takes his instruction and the associated actions, as he receives them from his awakened-feminine counterpart. She is guiding the healing (not the fixing) and he is surrendered to her infinite knowing—and love.

His actions—performed with love—are an act and demonstration of his devotion to his sacred consort (and himself). This is conscious partnership founded upon internal-interdependence between the awakened-feminine and awakened masculine.

This is none other than the way of the heart.

There is a graciousness to the process—and a profound tenderness—even when you’re drenched in your own tears, screaming, or dripping in sweat because you’ve thrown a mighty temper tantrum.

Again, I must reiterate, gender does not matter… these dynamics are internal—and for most, playing out outside the field of awareness.

When healing happens by way of the heart, through interdependence, the fruits are rich and bountiful.

No different than the fruits in the Garden of Eden.

For this is how you enter her Garden.

The Garden of the Goddess.

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