Not who one could be.

Not what life could be.

Not how things will be when x, y, and z happen.

But you and life as it is, in this moment in time.

The future is like quick sand.

Seemingly firm, until you stand upon it.

Wishful thinking has its place, as long as you don’t become dependent upon it.

...and as long as you have the courage to face what is.

Until it’s not.

For you and life are ever changing.

The truth is, I t’s easy to turn away from what is, from what’s “hiding” in plain sight.

The thing is, it’s not really hiding.

It’s us who’s hiding from ourselves.

For fear...

Fear of what?

Who and what is.

So face who you are and what is.

Look in the mirror of your life.

Look in the mirror and greet yourself.

With a cry, need be.

And with a smile, if you can.

Feel what you feel.

Notice what you notice.

And breathe into the reflection.

You’re ok.

And you’re going to be ok.



Wanting support? Reach out, I’m here, in service:

To who you are—and to who you can be.
To your life as it is—and to your life as it can be.


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