"Through my work with Ken I have become a better human, sister, daughter, friend and most importantly, I have become ridiculously amazingly conscious about myself and my choices! I will forever cherish our work and the fact that today I am more raw than ever before." Marien Sarriera, Founder of YachtsMermaids.com

I'm in awe of Ken's ability to navigate me through the storms of my mind and calmly and confidently lead me to clarity.

It seems no matter what the issue is that I'm dealing with, Ken's guidance allows me to see myself more clearly and I always leave feeling more empowered and centered in who I am and what I want. —Lulu Lam, Los Angeles, California

I've never met anyone like Ken...

He has the unique talent to listen - and I really mean listen. Ken was able to help me see my "blind spots," take the fear away often associated with growth and bring confidence and clarity to my goals.  Ken is a perfect example of someone living out their gifts and talents.  It just so happens that he helps others do the same. —Dr. Cade Copeland, Founder & Owner of LIFEstrength Health Center

Ken provided a skilled, highly attuned, safe, guided container...

I felt guided and held so that I could quickly drop into the experience of my body. I left with a completely difference relationship to my body and experience of it that changed me. I never knew so much was going on and that there was such a high level of consistent communication from/within my body, that I was missing. I have a newfound respect for what my body experiences all day. I feel lighter. I feel more space. There are areas in my body and shoulder that feel like they have a little more room. What would it be like to live in my body...this is what I now wonder and want to explore. Jeffery Davis, Manhattan Beach, CA

From my session with Ken I was able to tune deeply into my body in a way I haven’t before. Ken had a powerful ability to hold a safe and loving space for me to explore my feelings and sensations. Our work together helped me unlock parts of myself that had been shut away and gave me skills I can now apply on my own. A very rewarding experience and one I would like to have again. —Carly George, England

Working with Ken felt safe...

He intuitively guided me to a much anticipated and long overdue release of traumatic energy. I felt connected to him as he directed my awareness whilst curiously exploring my body's sensations. I finished the session feeling empowered and excited to know I was finally healing my nervous system. I highly recommend Ken as a true heart-centered, somatic healer and transformation coach. Ryan Abbott, Thailand

With each new conversation or turn of topic, I discovered things I hid from myself as well as things that I could not always understand, though I encountered them often. It was an amazing experience working with Ken and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get to know themselves personally. —Victoria Griffin, Illinois

I'm pretty heady sometimes and while I consider myself an expert—at being disconnected—Ken reconnected me, to my body, when I most needed it.

He offered me a nice technique: do nothing, say nothing, expect nothing and just be...and DO NOT see what comes from that. Ken is a top notch listener and I don't say this lightly because I consider myself one of the very few men I've come across who possess this quality. He's also great at offerings—not advice, and yes, there's a stark difference. Ken has no techniques. Rather, he's a chameleon to your needs. Ken is a blessing and like he says, "if we work together, expect your life to be completely undressed. —Alexander Eisenberg, Chicago, Illinois

Powerful mind/body integration work that creates space for real change.

I could go on and on with positive feedback about my experience with Ken recently. I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary session with him after a mutual friend pointed me towards an offer that he was running, and just that one call alone has been enough to blow open new windows of understanding and pathways of possibility in my life. It's seriously altered my day to day experience and informed how I will move forwards on the rest of this life journey. Totally paradigm shifting stuff for me, and I really valued the experience tremendously.

He was able to hold space in a way where I felt comfortable and safe in my process even though we had just met, and I could feel that he was coming from a place of strong integrity and clear intentions. His own years of self development work and experience really came through in how he was able to show up.

Much respect and appreciation, thank you for Ken for helping turn me on to this somatic approach to the spiritual journey.Christopher Mitchell, Nevada City, CA

I want to thank you Ken—need to thank you—for your mastery in guiding me through our ceremony.

It was one of the most loving events of my life—filled with the pure joy of hilarious laughter and the vibrating tenderness of exquisite affection, touching deeply into my soul. Often profound periods of peaceful, silent stillness brought me way deeper in touch with Earth than I've ever been.

Last month I almost cancelled with you, hesitant that my cardiac condition might worsen.  But it was just my ego's momentary fear to adventure and grow...now I am in astonishing gratitude that I trusted you, me, Earth and the heavens to show us how we can be together, approaching paradise, TOGETHER.

Our ceremony returned my whole being to earlier times when my heart broke through into loving life, mine and everyones, more than I knew I had in me.  My higher power and my grandfathers gave me endless trust in the power of Earth to heal me/us.  

Insights came to me that I cannot access any other way—at first love for my mom, then first girl-friend, then ex-wife, then a new depth of enormous gratitude, mixed in with the most tender grief, for my beloved soulmate who recently passed over to the celestial realms of Spirit.  I saw her sitting next to Jesus, smiling down on me/us, quite happy to witness our journey... All of this led to yet greater love for all women who nurture us so consistently...

At the end I felt an all-encompassing, more-tender-than-ever love for all beings, even the mosquitoes in my mouth.

Gratefully yours forever,
JD, Arizona