“Although he is deeply humble in his power, one day it will become apparent that Ken was magnetizing those truly at the core of the emergence of a new civilization, and with incredible grace, was quietly serving them in deeply transformational and healing ways that broke free from the transactional, capitalistic—often patriarchal—way of engaging.”

Mona Rabie, Ground Crew for the Infinite World Game

My professional background includes an emphasis on the study and practice of Systemic Constellations for the healing of ancestral, relational, and social trauma. I incorporate a somatic approach to the exploration of relational systems and the navigation of fields of consciousness.

I've studied, apprenticed with, and worked for Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen of Seeing with Your Heart. I've participated in constellations—and been constellated—by teachers such as Stephan Hausner and Mark Wolynn; in addition to others.  

I'm certified as an Energy Leadership Coach and ELI Master Practitioner through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

I'm an intermediate-level Somatic Experiencing® practitioner in training and actively working with clients; as well as an Attunement Therapist.

I've meditated daily for ten years and have studied and practiced the teachings of Eknath Easwaran, Swami Rama & The Himalayan Institute, Bhakti Yoga, and the Vajrayana practicing lineage of Chogam Trungpa Rinpoche via Dr. Reggie Ray.

I'm currently studying and immersed in; the healing of pre/peri natal, developmental, and collective social trauma; as well as womb wisdom and embryonic consciousness.

I am blessed and profoundly grateful to have landed and found my way within the realm of the somatic arts and phenomenological approaches to healing and the unburdening of the body-mind and heart.

My relationship to the earth, and the Great Mother, is heavily informed and inspired by my studies with Mama Nuiyuan of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation and many hours on the earth—being with rivers, mountains, and forest—playing my native american flutes and didgeridoo.

My work with clients is as blended as is my background, yet fundamentally the work I do—independent of methodology—uses the gestalt of direct experience as a means to clear entanglements in consciousness and untie the unseen knots—whether sourced in past lives, ancestor's lives, or one's current life—that bind the mind, body, heart, and soul to suffering, struggle, and strife.

The heart of my life—and work—serves to create and engender pathways of peace, love, and connection in service to soul liberation, actualization of mission, and the flourishing of Spirit.

I'm grateful for the humans (and animals) I've crossed paths with—and the named and countless unnamed teachers, guides, mentors, healers, therapists, programs, trainings, and ceremonies that have impacted me.

I acknowledge both the seen and unseen support that has assisted and guided me since I was a child.

Thank you to my family and friends, across all planes of time and space, for your love and support.

Below you will find some of the ways available for us to synergize. It would be my honor to serve and support you and your endeavors. Feel free to contact me with any of your questions or inquiries—or to simply say hello.


Collaborate with Me

  1. Are you looking for a speaker for your event, workshop, or virtual summit?
  2. Do you produce a podcast or television show that you’d like to feature me on?
  3. Interested in featuring me as a contributing author/writer in your publication?
  4. Would you like to include a Native American Style Flute performance at your lifecycle ceremony or other event?

Contact me and let me know the scope of your need/interest.

Work with Me

  1. I offer bespoke 1-on-1 longer-term mentorship for those passionately committed to spiritual awakening and the path of the heart.
  2. In addition, I offer single-session and short-term integration and embodiment support for those navigating specific nodal points within the ceremony of life.

I also offer group facilitation using Systemic Constellations and Somatic Field Work.

  1. Private Groups - Interested in an afternoon of ceremonial constellations for an intimate gathering of 10-20 people?
  2. Retreats - Are you planning a retreat or event and interested in having me facilitate individual or group processes for your participants?

Contact me and let me know the scope of your need/interest.

“Ken’s aligned presence and masterful coaching helped me drop out of my over-active rational mind and land into my deepest ever felt connection with my intuitive guidance. As with any mastery, he seemed to have done very little, yet every emergent word and action from him, helped unlock deeper layers of intimate discovery to arrive at a trust in myself I’d long forgotten ever existed.”  
Mark Usher, Peak Performance Coach for Men