Instead of orienting to your visions and/or intuition as prophecies of what is to come…I invite you to orient to them as living ceremonies of what is.

Show up to your visions as you would when—and if—they were to manifest as you see.

You can wait for the vision to crystallize into form, but is that waiting worth the cost of your presence?

Your waiting for the vision to take form as you see, is the ghost of attachment.

Thank this ghost and return to what is here, now.

Be with what is, as it is uncoiling into your awareness.

This is the moment you get to taste your devotion.

Sit-uate yourself in ceremony with yourself—and your vision.

This is it.

You must prioritize this ceremony, for it demands you carve space and time from the happenings of your life.

If there was a visceral experience, this is the experience.

The experience of you choosing the ceremony over anything and everything else

…and the subsequent ripple this choice has on all that you love and cherish.

Bend—and breath—as and where needed, as you attune and mold yourself to what is taking shape.

This is how you honor the sacred.

This is how you honor your heart—and the deep medicine that you carry.

This is how you become a pillar, for your Self and others.

Though the tangible sequence of events may not manifest in the way you thought it would...

It need not, for 'the event' already happened as it needed to, when it needed to, how it needed to.

Let go.

Be still.

Your presence was requested…

Where were you? Who were you?

Did you speak your truth?

Did you share? As was being asked of you.

Offer your gratitude for what was given and received.

Bring all of you to this ceremony of consciousness, as and when you become aware of where you are…

By carving time and space you gift yourself with safety…and with safety comes presence.

With presence the witness.

Witness yourself in a holy ceremony orchestrated by, for, and with you, by life.

The ceremony of now.

What will happen fades into irrelevancy as you deepen into presence—with what is happening in this eternal now.

Soon enough tomorrow will become today.

…and today is made of many now’s.

Open your eyes.

Now what.

Now what.

Now what being asked of you?