While I honor things have changed, are changing, and that we’re transitioning into a new earth—it’s important to look at and be with the ancient earth that we’re standing on.

Round, flat, hollow, whatever, it doesn’t matter…there’s a living breathing eco-system that is holding us as this sacred child is birthed.

Yes things are different—and many many things remain unchanged.

Spring is upon us. In the forest near where I live, the rocks are covered in lush moss. Horsetail is growing along the river bank at such a fast pace that if you blink your eyes they’ve sprouted a foot! On the land where I live each step requires gentleness and attention for I may crush a beautiful little mushroom. The oranges are soft to the squeeze and the blossoms are fragrant.

New buds and shoots and little green plants are everywhere. Roosters in the distance each morning and afternoon. The night brings the toads and crickets, coyotes and dogs competing for whose louder.

When I hear the first yelp of the coyotes, I immediately stop whatever I’m doing. I bring my attention to their ancient music. I’m filled with awe as their yelps penetrate me. At some point the owls begin hooting me to go to bed, because it’s past my bed time.

I can’t help but to feel grateful for the rhythm of nature and for these measures in the song of the day.

Such a relief, that I can depend on nature, no matter what is happening, to play this beautiful music—when or until I can’t—as is reality for so many indigenous peoples across earth who are facing the decimation of their ancient ways of living in harmony with nature.

Such precious and sacred gifts which fill my heart.

At the same time, rivers everywhere are polluted, independent of whether they’re flowing, though countless refugee camps are overflowing. The ocean is toxic with nuclear waste and loaded with trash. Coral reefs are dying. Animals are going extinct daily. Downtown LA is lined with homeless living in tents. Millions lack access to clean water. First nations suicide rates are the highest they’ve ever been. On and on and on.

We all know the world is changing and needs to change. While I honor all those who are taking action, creating, offering—inspired by this monumental time in history—something feels very off to me.

Yes the world needs you in your power, fully expressed, creating—and I invite you to

s. l. o. w.
d. o. w. n.


The balance sheet of thousands of years of oppression, enslavement, war, and injustice does not go to zero in a week or two.

Thousands of years of ancestral, social, and personal trauma are not healed in a day, a week, or a year through some fancy activation process, a transit in the sky, or whatever it may be.

I honor that everyone is doing their best to move with these rapidly changing energies.

And as a reminder, you won’t get left behind if you slow down your movement.

So, please slow down….to the degree that you’re available to.

Slow down just enough to make contact with the things that remain unchanged in you, regardless of the changes in the world and in the cosmos.

Slow down just enough so that maybe you can notice the ways that your unresolved aspects may be showing up, still, despite the great changes upon us.

Slow down just enough to actually connect with the motivation behind your desire to create.

Once you’ve done that.

Slow down, even more.

…and connect with the source of the desire underneath the desire that you just connected with.

I wonder what might happen if you didn’t take that action? …or create that thing, just yet?

Can you just be, as you are, for as long as you can, before jolting into action?

If so, what do you notice when you pause?

If you can’t pause, why not? What happens?

What is it that you can’t to be with?

What’s hidden deep in the shadow of the shadow of that?

That’s what I’m interested in.

Because that’s where your deepest medicine is sourced.

From there, make music.

If anything, maybe these questions will help to slow you down or spark curiosity.

The world isn’t going to end because you took pause.

You’re onboard the ship….the EARTHship.

Suffering will still be here tomorrow—and the day after tomorrow.

Trash will still be littered on the streets tomorrow.
Tents will still line downtown LA.
Many will need to walk miles to get clean water.

There’s much to be done, to clean up—no arguing that—and for now, let’s let ourselves rest in this divinely orchestrated pause.

There's no need to force, rush or squeeze your creation into form. If that's all that's available to you, I understand. If you have access to choice, why not let it be an orgasmic birth?

The problems facing earth won't disappear because you took a rest—and paradoxically, they won't disappear because you jumped to action yesterday.

You earned this rest. Enjoy it as best you can—for yourself—and for your ancestors.

The marathon has only just begun, pace yourself.

I'm genuinely curious... what lands for you from this post?

More coming as and when it feels aligned to share.

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