Can you feel the land in this photo? I sure can.

This is Ojai, land of the most High, as my soul brother Shane Rilling sings in one of his beautiful songs.

Feeling deeply blessed to be blessed by this land.

Yesterday I had an impromptu early evening consultation with the talented herbalist Rehmannia at Elemental Apothecary in Ojai.

Dosed with his knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and a bag full of medicine I left the shop with a grin on my face and pulsing warmth from my heart.

With less than two hours till sunset, I could feel the pull of the mountains, requesting my presence.

So I get in my car and head out to collect some crystalline river water.

I say hello to the land, and to this sacred spot, which holds a dear place in my heart.

I anoint myself under the waters of the tiny waterfall.

I drink the water and fill my five-gallon container.

I sit with my feet in the water for thirty minutes, letting the land and the waters penetrate my heart.

I then get my didge out and play to the mountains you see in this photo.

For the first time I am played by the didge, it is not me playing.

Cars stream by, but none stop.

Until one does—and guess who pops out?


We hug, take photos, and I join him and his partner at the waterfall.

Laughs, smiles, sound, love, and life all in the most serendipitous of ways.

The sun has set by now and I stand at dusk marveling in the beauty before me.

On my drive out of the mountains, I feel the call of Yerba Santa, one of my favorite plants.

Near the river running along my drive, I spot a thicket filled with a wall of five-foot-tall Yerba Santa.

I pull over, commune with the plant and take exactly the amount she says I can have.

As I walk the area, I notice the toads and the crickets coming alive as night draws upon us.

I sit in my car, windows down, breathing the fresh mountain air, and listen to the symphony of this evening performance.

I close my eyes and let myself feel the immense sweetness of this moment.
This is nature gifting me all of her medicine, full force.

And all I need to do is simply bask in the bliss of being.

For this moment is overflowing with life.

My invitation to you.
Stop your scrolling.
Take a breath.
Put your headphones on.
Turn up the volume.
Click and listen to this track:
Close your eyes—and ride this wave.
Feel your heart beating.
With life.
Feel your life beating.
Your heart.

This is a Divine DNA activation.



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