The secret part isn’t quite what we think a secret to be, as much as it speaks to not needing anything in return.

To do good, behind closed doors, simply for the sake of doing good.

That doing good, in and of itself, is a whole act—a complete circle of giving and receiving.

Most of the information, concepts, and ideas that I’ve come across on my journey, I’ve long forgotten—in one ear and out the other.

Yet intoku has stuck with me for its simplicity, its fullness, and for the totality of truth that it contains.

The heart of my work is self-intimacy and intoku captures the ineffable essence of self-intimacy.

To be so fundamentally intimate with one-self that our life is a living, breathing, practice of intoku.

We give.

Because we can.

Not because we’ll receive something in return, like the acknowledgment or praise of another.

We give.

Because it’s in our nature to give.

We give.

Without anyone other than ourself needing to witness the timeless beauty of Grace.

Yet, ironically, we are witnessed.

For the I, within, the I that witnesses all of life, witnesses the Grace.

And in this way, Intoku is a sacred practice and a doorway for witnessing oneself within the container of our fundamental aloneness.

Yet paradoxically, this witnessing of our aloneness is so much more... it's a direct experience of our own divinity.

A self-referencing experience—Self witnessing self.

The witness witnesses, “me”, giving, purely and freely, from the heart—and in so doing we gift ourselves a taste of the essence of our fundamental loving nature.

Not because we need to, for there is no need, but becaus this is simply what happens.

Spirit, God, Consciousness, witnessing Grace in action through the conduit of you, me, us.

What could be more intimate than to come to know our own heart, our own tenderness, our own beauty, and grace, within the self-contained container of Self?

How blessed I am to come to know my unique flavor of love, by being love, through the practice of intoku?

The truth is, I could share all of my acts of intoku here on FB with you, to garner love and praise, or to teach a lesson, but in so doing something sacred would be lost…and in the process the intimacy that I’ve cultivated with mySelf can’t help but tarnish.

Yes, sharing how we’re serving, supporting, gifting and giving is beautiful and helps to calibrate the collective to a new way of being… and my challenge to you is to incorporate into your giving a practice whereby you need not to share, need not be recognized or acknowledged, even by the one you’re giving to.

That’s not to say I don’t share some of my acts of Intoku, for I do—and if you’ve been following me then it’s probable you’ve witnessed what otherwise would have remain “unwitnessed”.

I keep my practice of intoku close to my heart. Consciously choosing to share what wants to be shared, in the specific moment when I feel it is ready (if ever), and asking to be shared as a medicine for my brothers and sisters. Yet, there’s always a surplus, because I’m always practicing.

And it's in part this practice of self-intimacy that is cause for the depth of intimacy in the work that I do with my clients.

I practice intoku and am blessed to taste the fruits of an ever-deepening relationship with myself…and that can’t help but to spill over, in countless—told and untold—ways.

All fundamentally rooted in a way of being in the world and an essence that is a direct felt experience for those who I interact with.

And it’s these sacred acts of giving, of intoku, that fill the vault of my prosperous heart with an extraordinary abundance of self-love.

This is self-intimacy—and intimacy is the new currency.


I’m calling in two clients. Two Queen’s ready to access a depth of power and reservoir of self-intimacy that can't help but to rumble life into the next stratosphere of experience.
Feeling pulled to me, to my heart, to what I share...feeling something within your own heart you'd like to explore in a safe loving container? Shoot me a message and let's start a conversation.

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