The mind, the body, and the BodyMind are an externalized reflection of the nervous system. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your reality is a manifestation and reflection of your nervous system.

The paradox is that for some thoughts do create reality, and to be clear, this is only because their nervous system is capable of holding a reality which is resonant with those thoughts.

If there’s a disconnect between one’s nervous system capacity and the reality they are desiring, reflected by the thoughts they are thinking, no amount of positive thinking will result in the creation of that desired reality.

The nervous system is simply incapable of ‘holding’ the charge of that desired reality. There’s just too much current for the wiring of the neurological setup.

Reality simply cannot change—and won’t change.

For our experience is limited by our wiring, literally.

What we can create, what life can create through us, is limited by our wiring.

If positive thinking isn’t producing the results you thought (or were told it should), maybe this will help you to understand why.

It’s not your thoughts that need your attention.

It’s your nervous system.

To be intimate with Self (and other) requires a depth of intimacy with your own nervous system.

So, get in there, dig in, uncover, discover, soothe, regulate.

If you’re beating yourself up for a lack of faith or trust, for your doubt, for a lack of strength or courage…

My invitation is to let that shit go for a minute.

I see you and I know how hard this work can be at times.

It's not your fault. You're not doing anything wrong. You're not wrong.

You are a product of your experiences, those mentioned and unmentioned. Those remembered and those long forgotten.

Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and your results, reflected by your experience of reality…

Are simply an indicator of the state of your nervous system.

Your nervous system is the terrain of the transformation that you desire.

Not the mind.

Please, get out of your fucking mind.

Your body is the gateway to your nervous system.

So, get into your body.

However, you do that.

Get into the soma, dig in, uncover, discover, bring awareness to the darkness.

Illuminate the wiring.

So you can upgrade the wiring.

…and change your life in the process.


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