"I've never met anyone like Ken; he has the unique talent to listen - and I really mean listen.  He puts down all the other stuff floating around in his head, listens and then simply presents a question.  That question though is a specific, pointed dagger that almost always blows you away and makes you wonder, "why didn't I think of that?"  Every time, the answer that resulted was what elevated me spiritually, emotionally and physically to a place I was unable to achieve myself.  Ken was able to help me see my "blind spots," take the fear away often associated with growth and bring confidence and clarity to my goals.  Ken is a perfect example of someone living out their gifts and talents.  It just so happens that he helps others do the same."

— Dr Cade Copeland, Founder & Owner of LIFEstrength Health Center


Ken is an alchemist — and with his depth and genius, Seeing With Your Heart is growing in exponential ways. Clients come to him seeking to gather the strands of their vision, inspiration, skill, and talent and he masterfully distills these sometimes contradictory or clashing qualities into the gold of destined purpose. Ken doesn’t give you what you want, he gives you what you never imagined possible.  

— Emily Blefeld, Co-Founder of Seeing With Your Heart


Ken Fried is a master coach who can transverse esoteric pathways of human existence from the depths of cellular chemistry, disease manifestation and human suffering — to the spiritual levels of the world’s most profound wisdom traditions. In his work with Seeing with Your Heart, Ken offers insights and guidance that blow open the doors of new possibilities. 

Dan Cohen, Co-Founder of Seeing With Your Heart


I want to thank you, need to thank you, for your mastery in guiding me through our ceremony.  It was one of the most loving events of my life—filled with the pure joy of hilarious laughter, the vibrating tenderness of exquisite affection, touching deeply into my soul. Often profound periods of peaceful, silent stillness brought me way deeper in touch with Earth than I've ever been.

Last month I almost cancelled with you, hesitant that my cardiac condition might worsen.  But it was just my ego's momentary fear to adventure and grow...now I am in astonishing gratitude that I trusted you, me Earth and the heavens to show us how we can be together, approaching paradise TOGETHER.

Our ceremony returned my whole being to earlier times when my heart broke through into loving life, mine and everyones, more than I knew I had in me.  My higher power and my grandfathers gave me endless trust in the power of Earth to heal me/us.  Insights came to me that I cannot access any other way—at first love for my mom, then first girl-friend, then ex-wife, then a new depth of enormous gratitude, mixed in with the most tender grief, for my beloved soulmate who recently passed over to the celestial realms of Spirit.  I saw her sitting next to Jesus, smiling down on me/us, quite happy to witness our journey... All of this led to yet greater love for all women who nurture us so consistently...At the end I felt an all-encompassing, more-tender-than-ever love for all beings, even the mosquitoes in my mouth.

Gratefully yours forever,
JD of the "seeing-with-the-heart" gang  


Through my work with Ken I have become a better human, yoga teacher, sister, daughter, friend and most importantly I have become ridiculously amazingly conscious about myself and my choices! I will forever cherish our work and the fact that today I am more raw than ever before.

— Marien Sarriera, Miami, Florida

When Ken Fried walks around saying he has powerful conversations that change people’s lives for a living, he is NOT lying! I’m so freaking blessed to have the experience. Thank you SO MUCH Ken!
— Janet Ruiz
Thank you so much Ken! I have been visualizing my commitment since we ended our conversation. I am feeling so joyous and blessed from your generosity and honesty that you have gifted me. Thank you! I have been feeling so stuck but there's definitely a spaciousness that has opened up for flow. You Rock.
--Lindsey Summers, Kansas City, Kansas
Thanks for talking with me on the phone..that was truly the beginning of getting myself back on track and establishing what I WANT to make of myself in this lifetime...you’re a gem!
— Amber Adkins

Thanks to Ken, I've found my voice in this world and am no longer afraid of being heard...

The first things I noticed about Ken were his smiling eyes and beautiful soul!  Ken artfully used his gifts of intellectual curiosity, humor, and spot on intuition as he coached me through a series of problems. Through his powerful questioning techniques, I was able to "connect the dots" on a number of personal and professional issues (breakthroughs!) and develop realistic action plans for implementation, for which he gently held me accountable.  Thanks to Ken, I've found my voice in this world and am no longer afraid of being heard.  I highly recommend Ken as a professional coach to anyone with health, personal, professional, or life issues.  Ken will most certainly bring out your greatness from within.
--Connie Moore, Fort Worth, Texas


At a time I needed it most Ken led me to the truth I needed to further on in my journey...

There are no true words in the end that can sum up what meeting, talking, and furthering a relationship with Ken has done for my life. We are in a place and time right now in the world where people are confused, afraid of realizing their dreams, unhealthy mentally and physically, sad and discouraged at themselves emotionally, and spiritually lost in a world where at every turn something outside ourselves is telling us be and do something. We seek balance hope and truth now more than ever.
There are people on this planet that are here to help those in need that are seeking change - this is Ken. At a time I needed it most Ken led me to the truth I needed to further on in my journey. I see him as an angel in my own life and I know there are many others that have felt and will feel the same way. He is a warrior of the light and seeker of the truth that is here to serve other’s and heal this planet. I will always hold him in my heart for being who he is when I needed it the most. May peace be with you and good luck to all of you on your journey’s.
--Buda Tom, Winter Park, Florida


Ken is an exceptional and intuitive human being - he understands the internal battles we all go through and is master of supporting a transformation of self to take place

Working with Ken has enabled me to hear my higher self then act in alignment with my soul. 
Before I began working with Ken, I was always driven by fear and self-doubt. Through our work together, I have been able to put my dreams into action and execute with confidence. Ken has empowered me in an entirely new way, one that is unique from anyone else I have ever met. Through his life-changing coaching, I feel more connected and compassionate to the world around me. 
One the most wonderful things about working with Ken is that he consistently makes himself available to discuss feelings, thoughts, and situations that have arised after a coaching session - a true bespoke service! He offers suggested reading and resouces that are deeply empowering. He seems to know just when to offer nuggets of wisdom and insightfulness when I need it most.
Above all, Ken is an exceptional and intuitive human being - he understands the internal battles we all go through and is master of supporting a transformation of self to take place. Through our sessions together, I was able to start making an actionable list of goals that I wanted to acheive - and now I am confident that I can reach them. I have fully stepped into my power, thanks to Ken's full support and motivational words. I finally found the creative inspiration to finish my website finished for my skincare line. I made the trip to Peru I had desired for years. I've began to speak up to friends and family instead of keeping quiet which always resulted in resentment. I am noticing that I react differently to people as my confidence in myself has grown, therefore people respond differently to me. Perhaps the greatest thing I have gained through our sessions is self-acceptance and patience with myself. I feel so empowered to attract abundance into my life thanks to working with Ken. 
I highly recommend working with Ken if you have any fear, self-doubt, or insecurity. He is one-of-a-kind! 
--Nicola, Wales, England


I can forgive myself fully now and it is an amazing feeling...

I just had a session with Ken Fried. He helped me so much, I can't describe how good I feel. He helped me to find a short circuit of mine regarding deep guilt I had toward not being able to protect my little sister from my abusive parents. I can forgive myself fully now and it is an amazing feeling! I also feel like I can breathe again and my back pain is gone. I recommend this for everyone. A lot of things are changing for me now, I can feel it. Everything is moving, breaking up, releasing from detecting that one short circuit. I feel so grateful for this experience, and I just wanted to share my new-found freedom and empowerment. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
--Anne Zimmerman, Germany


While working with Ken suddenly all these opportunities presented themselves; both financially and romantically...

Before working with Ken I was getting caught up in, and weighed down by stuff that no longer served me; old beliefs and patterns which once maybe helped - but now were contributing to poor health. From working with Ken what I learned about myself is that there are always new perspectives and insights to learn and see! These realizations helped me to grow into a person who is more sure of herself, and what she needs and wants in order to live a balanced and abundant life. 
I clearly remember on several occasions talking about things and thinking “he’s just going to say something relatively obvious and superficial - and all of a sudden, Ken would go into this “what I see is…” - and it was incredible - honestly, really incredible - it was like fire cutting through ice - it was so fast and smooth and connected and fluid - and so, so spot on and insightful; it really was fairly mind-blowing. And thats why I think Ken is a fantastic coach - because he really, really can see things in a way that I’ve never experienced before - and it truly was enlightening and empowering to be a part of that; that’s the bit I think Ken completely rocks at.
I no longer get caught up in fear, I'm less reactive to family and friends and judgments and opinions no longer cause me to feel resentful and frustrated. While working with Ken suddenly all these opportunities presented themselves; both financially and romantically - two areas that were very *deprived*. I no longer feel like I have to scrap up every penny - and I have a new boyfriend! In short, I AM much more tuned into the present; and life feels lighter for it! 
--Nadia Ansari, Usk, England
Today I had a really amazing session with Ken - thank you for asking the right questions and providing me with the motivation and inspiration to see my intentions come to fruition!
— Brittney Johnson

I had not left the house for 6 years...

I was in a wheelchair for 2 years due to M.E (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and meningitis. I suffered from Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, High Blood Pressure, Asthma and Osteo Arthritis. I was on a lethal concoction of over 25 tablets a day including morphine, diazepam, amitriptyline, gabapentin and endless supplies of over 12 different painkillers.  I was living on potato chips, burgers, pizzas and other dead foods, which just made my conditions worse. I chronically abused myself both mentally and emotionally and no matter what I did, it was never good enough.  I was never good enough. A traumatic childhood had left me a damaged adult with deep issues around self-image and abandonment as well as constant pain and illness. I was broken. 

I decided to try detoxification to help me feel better. I filled my diet with fruits, vegetables and raw foods and it felt wonderful. My body was healing and I was able to walk again. But I still had powerful cravings that threatened my success. I felt my life was being controlled by those cravings. By my illnesses. By my sadness. 

Then, I met Ken. Ken is more than a Detoxification Coach. He offers his clients a new way of thinking about themselves and their illnesses. Ken helps people realize that illness brings an opportunity to heal ourselves not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. It brings an opportunity to pay more attention to our health, our bodies, our hearts and our minds. And what’s more, Ken experiences the effects of chronic illness too. He knows how we feel. 

Ken is an astute and intuitive coach who really understood the devastating effect that chronic illness was having on my life. By not judging me and asking the right questions, Ken helped me to change my self-limiting thoughts about food, my illnesses and myself. He supported me in facing the obstacles in my life rather than hiding from them. My mindset had created fear. This fear created pain and led to a long line of illnesses manifesting themselves in me. Ken helped me to understand what was happening in my body and leverage it to bring about change on a mental and emotional level. He helped me to see that I decide how the illnesses will affect me. That I am in charge of my own healing.  

I don't have food cravings any more. I eat food that is right for my body and it feels good.  I listen to my intuition rather than my inner critic. I no longer allow people to dominate my life or me, I love myself enough now to acknowledge and stand up for my needs. I leave the house nearly every day now. For the first time in 6 years, I am experiencing the joy of being outside with the sun on my face & the wind in my hair.  Emotionally and mentally I am free of the chronic illnesses.  I am making choices that are loving and life affirming. This translates to deeper healing on a physical level. I am no longer the 'M.E’ (myalgic encephalomyelitis). I am ME. Nikkita. Who lives with M.E.  I have grown in so many ways while working with Ken. 

I once looked to Ken for all the answers, but he would never give me them. He actually helped me to see the answers were inside ME all along. Ken reached for my hand... and touched my soul. When I count my Blessings in life...I will always count him twice!

Are you living with chronic illness? Fear? Pain? Frustration? 
Is your diagnosis dictating who you are? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? 
Do you want to feel free despite what is happening in your body? 

Please please do what I did. Contact Ken and get your life back.
Nikkita George, Hayle, England

Before working with Ken I was stuck...  

I didn’t know it at the time but he masterfully opened my eyes to the world of resistance that kept me from doing what I knew I needed to do in order to experience the life I imagined for myself and my family.  I continued to think thoughts that harmed me and so naturally I made decisions that were also harmful.  I thought I could build others up by tearing myself down.  I was in a hole. Through gentle and thought provoking conversations with Ken, what was once a dream became my living, breathing reality.  A grand shift happened when I realized that I hadn’t actually been showing myself Love - I was deluded and believed I was, but my actions indicated otherwise.  Through working with Ken I learned to Love myself and now I can genuinely feel Love for others.  I can cry for the first time in years. I am present with my children.  My relationship with my wife is resonating like never before.  I now do exactly what I want to do and so my body is healing, my relationships are growing, and my Life is being lived in abundance."
 --Ben Hunt, Wichita, Kansas

"If there is something you are looking to achieve in your life and you're just plain old stuck, Ken will take you all the way to freeing yourself of the inner forces that may have until now had a stronghold on you. Open heart or closed heart, he will bring you to manifest your goals in real and powerful ways."

— Akash Luminous, Buffalo, NY

Something special happened for me in these past few days and I am fired up for my new healthful direction. You have given me inspiration and helped me to pull myself out of the little rut that I have had myself in for a few months. You have a unique gift Ken! xo xo
— Toni Vandyk, Buffalo, NY

I thought I might actually die...

I was suffering with a severe allergic type reaction which was brought on by a medical procedure.  I was challenged not only with the health/needing to heal aspect, but also with the isolation and anxiety that came from the need to be at home in a very controlled environment.

Despite my best efforts, my health continued to decline.  My marriage was under much stress in part because of our disagreements about potential treatments.  For one year I lived a life of almost complete isolation because I was confined to my home.  I was beginning to feel powerless to change my situation. Even worse, hope was quickly waning.

I had been praying for God to bring the person/people into my life that could help me.  I was blessed to have a "chance" meeting while visiting Wichita with Ken.  We worked together about 10 months prior to our weekly sessions.  My first two hour session with Ken was one of the most life changing and empowering conversations that I had ever had!  I knew quite a bit about health and wellness, however Ken enlightened me with the amazing power food had on creating and recreating our bodies.  It was the information that I needed to hear at the time when I was ready to accept it.

Ken walked with me through a severe health challenge I faced which arose during our time working together.   I thought I might actually die and he supported me by helping me understand what my body might be telling me as well as how to work on healing my mind.  I am grateful to be alive and his encouragement and support meant the world to me! Ken was passionate and never judgmental.  Ken shined the light on areas of my life that I needed to heal to become truly well!  I will be forever grateful! 

Ken helped me to see life through a different lens.   He has forever changed the way I perceive my health and life.  I am not a prisoner to fear and to the past.  Ken helped me to look around the fears of life and see other possibilities and choices, which therefore produce a different outcome.  I am becoming more of my authentic self as I work with Ken.  That is the best gift he has given me.  Now I know that I am "good enough."  Maybe not good enough for everyone else in the world, but good enough for me and at the end of the day that's what's most important  
--Claire Albert, Dodge City, Kansas