Hi, my name is Ken Fried. I’m 32 years old and live in Southwest, Florida—you know, on the gulf side.

In a previous life I was an up and coming R&D Engineer for a Fortune 500 company who decided to turn in his pinky ring and go entrepreneur. 

For years I struggled with building a business that was a natural extension and embodiment of my own deep healing work.

A business which would act as a gateway to living what I like to call, The Healed Life—that epic and picturesque life that I had always envisioned for myself—once healed! 

Through many years of struggle & suffering I came to discover that I didn't need that business to live the life that I had dreamed for myself.

Because of this subtle yet profound discovery, I'm no longer on pause waiting for certain conditions to unfold—instead I'm now having fun and actually enjoying my life...

Surfing, ecstatic dancing, running on the beaches of south florida, foraging for tropical fruit with friends, hosting friday night musicale’s with my roommates, playing piano and making music, traveling, hanging at whole Foods and chatting it up with strangers, juicing the best local navels, skateboarding and leading prayer and meditation sessions in the community...just some of what I'm doing.

In short there’s far less pressure to produce, but that does not mean that I'm not producing—Au Contraire!

Today my top priority is living rather than building a business that allows me to live tomorrow. 

Interested in learning how to design and build a life that you actually want to wake up to? Enter your info below and every now and then I'll shoot you a message from my heart.