"My first two hour session with Ken was one of the most life changing & empowering conversations that I had ever had!"
Claire Albert, Dodge City, KS

Do any of these Sound familiar?

Sensing there's an obstruction in your way, but unsure of what exactly 'it' is and how to overcome 'it'?  

Know what you want, but can't figure out why you're not taking action to create it?

Unsure what's next...confused, apprehensive, apathetic, uneasy, or frustrated?

Craving a breakthrough, insight, epiphany, ah-ha, or realization of some kind?

Feeling stuck and seeking freedom from what's holding you down?

Unsure of what you want beside some clarity and confidence?

Want a fresh and unbiased perspective on what plagues you?

Struggling to make a decision, regardless of the significance?

Feeling pulled in more directions than you can count?

Ready to break free of your own prisons of thought?

Tired of feeling shitty about yourself and your life?

Consumed by fear, apprehension or self-doubt?

Feeling oppressed, repressed or unexpressed?

Looking to soften a hardened heart?


Ready to plug back into your life? 

Great —I'm glad you answered yes. 

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"Ken Fried is a master coach who can transverse esoteric pathways of human existence from the depths of cellular chemistry, disease manifestation and human suffering — to the spiritual levels of the world’s most profound wisdom traditions. In his work with Seeing with Your Heart, Ken offers insights and guidance that blow open the doors of new possibilities." Dan Cohen, Co-Founder of Seeing With Your Heart