The Two Sides to Courage

Often times we think of courage as a quality that's needed only in situations that require us to let go. Whether that's letting go of a partner, a job, a home, a way of life, or a way of being for example. 

Yet, equally as important, and far less spoken about, is the courage required to move towards something. To embrace or choose a new way of life, a new job, a new partner, a new geography, a new and unfamiliar way of operating in the world. 

We can call upon and embody courage to let go as well as to live. It takes as much, if not more courage to say yes as it does to say no. 

Courage is yours when you need it, regardless of context.

Let go and live, as the saying goes, either way, both take courage. 

Ken Fried

Ken Fried is a lifestyle and wellness coach and has been referred to as a Modern Alchemist by many. Ken is fiercely committed to supporting clients around the world to find freedom from their most pressing health challenges by leveraging and aligning with the laws of nature. Every Wednesday he publishes an article on his growing blog about living freely and healing fully. You can learn more about Ken and subscribe to his weekly newsletter at