My Answered Prayer


Here I am again—my heart has a message to share.

***This was written three weeks ago, but I felt called to wait until now to post - so here it is,  still just as valid and active for me.

Nearly twelve days into 2016 and suprisingly as far as I can recall only one person has asked me what my goals and intentions are for this year (THANK YOU @Fern)!

I really haven’t had an answer. 

Back in December I had some semblance of an idea of what my goals would be for the new year, but that was December and this is January. 

Look at the flame of your Yankee Candle for two seconds and it’s abundantly clear that everything changes quickly. That what was then and then isn’t now. 

I skirted around the question, spewing out my thoughts about goals, but not really answering the question at hand. 

I had no answer. 

Until now...until tonight, the night of January 9th!

Praise everything that is holy—seriously!


My singular intention for 2016 is to serve—unconditionally. 

Through a series of serendipitous experiences, people and realizations, Life has fortuitously delivered to me what I’ve been praying for.

I’ve prayed for the deep-seated, core heart-desire to care about another more than I care about myself. 

Practically speaking this translates to caring more about your success than my own.


Why would I not care about your success? Insane, right...or just the trappings of that cowboy like ego? Serving you is serving me, so why would I not serve you?

Of course I would, because at the end of the day each one of us is here to serve ourselves!

You see, before I cared, but I cared for the wrong reasons—I cared for money. 

I was a slave to the acquisition of money.

For a couple of days now, I’ve been sharing with those close to me the upgrade that has been happening to me at a DNA level—and I’ve been referring to the upgraded me as Ken v2.0.

Some seriously profound, life altering, destiny guiding reprograming has and is unfolding in the center of my core. The seeming solid crystalline essence of my persona has and continues to transform beyond what I ever imagined was possible.

Life is winning, which means that I’m winning, which means that you’re winning.

I now care in a way that is 100% fresh and unfiltered—I care because you and I are one. 

I love cliches and I love when they so eloquently weave their way into my writing. 

Your achievement is my achievement
Your realization is my realization.
Your excitement is my excitement.
Your struggle is my struggle.
Your sadness and despair is my sadness and despair.
Your frustration is my frustration. 
Your pain is my pain.
Your suffering is my suffering.
Your shame is my shame.
Your anxiety is my anxiety.
Your joy is my joy. 

..because you and I are one.

What a grand fucking deception the ego spins, making us each, at least for a time, believe that success is such a difficult mountain to summit—always just an arms reach away. 

The success—or more aptly stated—the happiness, fulfillment, and peace we each seek is so fucking close that we can’t even see, taste, touch, smell or hear it, but it’s right there, right under our noses. 

Is giving really giving or is giving, getting? 

Giving is getting and getting is giving—another cliche—an eternal and perpetual currency, returned back to us at exactly the right time in exactly the way we need. 

The currency of prosperity, acquired through others, but sourced from the endless fortune of giving stored within—backed by the gold of our Spirit. 

My one intention for 2016 is to unconditionally serve you to the fullest extent of my capacity. 

What a gift and what a rush to the heart!

I’ve been given the ticket to freedom and for that blessing I am now free.

We are one, being served, always in all ways, by the most Holy One!

Wherever it is that you’re seeking to arrive to, is but one of many stops on the way to the the mountain top, which I seek to summit. I can't summit without supporting you to summit. 

The kicker is, your summit is my summit—there’s truly no difference!

So let’s summit together and at the very least explore what that highest point and that greatest vision looks like for you.

Why dream small when as easily you can dream big? Why play small when you have the capacity to play big? 

How can I serve you? How can I support YOU!?

With that, let me share my post from January 7th:

Check it out and if you’re interested in having a conversation, let me know in the comments below or email me.



I'd like to offer you a two-hour Prosperity Calibration Consultation. During this session a number of topics may be discussed—anything and everything is on the table.

You'll come away lighter and brighter—simple as that—like you're peacefully floating above the clouds of chaos and confusion.

My focus will be in tapping you ever deeper into the wellspring of prosperity that not just surrounds you, but is the essence of who you are—so that you can experience a tangible upgrade in your finances, relationships and health.

This may mean supporting you to overcome limiting beliefs and faulty interpretations, spotting and separating you from your gremlin (ego), challenging and redefining what you believe to be true about yourself and the world, creating and envisioning a previously unimagined future that excites you, building clarity on what you'd like to do with yourself, your time, and your life, and/or solving real problems that are causing you strife.

There’s only two caveats.

First, at the end of the call we're going to have a serious—in your face kind of talk— about value and money.

In a fun and unique way I’m going to give you the opportunity to demonstrate to yourself (and ultimately to the world via me) what you and your dreams are worth.

You’re going to come away having had some massive realizations, epiphanies, breakthroughs, ah-ha’s and lightbulb moments.

The question is, what’s that worth to you and what are you willing to pay me for facilitating the delivery of that value?

I’ll let you decide, then I’ll send you an invoice.

Second. We’re going to schedule another call where we repeat exactly what I’ve outlined above.

  • This opportunity is definitely not for you if you're afraid or uncomfortable with talking about money.
  • It's not for you if you're unwilling to be pushed, triggered or challenged.
  • It's not for you if you believe that I’m trying to sell you something.
  • And it's definitely not for you if you're content with the quality, quantity and substance of the conditions of your life.

Interested? PM or email:



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