Play the Long Game and Forget The Resolutions!

A few weeks ago I met a man at Whole Foods. We spoke for nearly two hours. He shared many profound nuggets of gold, but one of the few that really stood out was when he said, "...more often than not the long road is the short road and the short road is the long road!"

Woah, blew me away.

I've always been a tad wee bit bothered by the month of December. Not the month itself, but the general frantic energy that overarches the month.

Whether because of the holidays, buying gifts, watching kids who are home from school or the looming new year, there's a subtle but visceral anxiety and apprehension in the air.

Then the added pressure of thinking about the year ahead or worse the regrets of the year past.

Even though the year hasn't started many are consumed, in December, by the thought of new year resolutions, goals, aspirations, and visions, while still attending to matters of the moment—it can all be overwhelming.

This was the inspiration behind my 31 day review. Let's review the year, every single day, prior to the new year. Lets use this year, while we're still in it to talk about this year. And then, when it's the new year, we can focus on orienting ourselves for the year.

There's no excuse large enough to stress about the future, not even the new year.

So, play the short game with me and join in on envisioning 2016 for yourself. Every 2 to 3 days I'll post a question to help you focus.

—> <—

While everyone else is fizzling out with their resolutions, be one of the few pouring a structurally sound foundation of focus.

Ken Fried

Ken Fried is a lifestyle and wellness coach and has been referred to as a Modern Alchemist by many. Ken is fiercely committed to supporting clients around the world to find freedom from their most pressing health challenges by leveraging and aligning with the laws of nature. Every Wednesday he publishes an article on his growing blog about living freely and healing fully. You can learn more about Ken and subscribe to his weekly newsletter at