Let's cut to the chase — you're here because you want something. 

Maybe that's not what brought you here, but now that you're here, let me ask you, what do you want? What do you ache for? What are the yearnings of your heart — masked by the varying degrees of problem(s) that keep you up at night, asleep in the morning, and daydreaming during the waking hours?

We all want something and often what we want is tangible — like more money, more sex, more clients, more laughs, more travel, more health or more time off, just to name a few possibilities. 

Other times what we want is intangible — such as more peace, more joy, more meaning, or more choice.

Answering the question of what we want can get complex rather quickly. I know, because I've been grappling with this question and the answers for many years.

Maybe we want to stop wanting.

Maybe we've fooled ourselves into believing that we don't know what we want, and as far as we're concerned, we believe ourselves, we believe that we don't know— and yet, the knowing is in the unknowing — what we want is to simply know.

Other times we're clear and know what we want — we want the tangibles or the intangibles, the ones we know we don't want.

For example, maybe we don't want to wake up next to the person sleeping by our side — what we want is to wake up by the side of a new partner.

Maybe we don't want to go to the job we can't take another sick day from, because we've exhausted all of our vacation time — we want a new, more engaging job.

Do we want to stop wanting or do we want to stop wanting things that leave us feeling empty? Do we want the new partner or do we want love? Do we want the new job or do we want passion? Do we want the tangible or do we want the intangible?

Whether we want what we want or want what we don't want, we, as humans, want — we desire. And regardless of where you fall on the diagram of desire, your relationship to 'want' is multi-faceted.

Whether spoken or unspoken, we want. Whether black or white, we want. Whether parent or child, we want. Whether wealthy or poor, we want. It is our nature to want, regardless of circumstances and conditions.

If you search 'Ken' in the dictionary you'll find that my name is a noun meaning "one's range of knowledge or sight" and it's certainly no accident or coincidence this is my name.

I help those who can see, to see more than they ever imagined possible and I help those who can't see, to see what is unseen, intangible and unmeasurable.

I help spiritually aware, highly conscious, emotionally intelligent individuals break free of what they want, so they can open to what Spirit wants for them — and this begins by cultivating a deeper vision of what lies beyond the five senses.

Unlike other coaches, I don't promise results or guarantee anything; though your life will change. To do so, would be to presume that I have some clue as to what your destiny is, or what it is that Spirit wants for you and your life. 

Though in service to Spirit, the truth is, I have no idea what Spirit wants specifically for you or what it is that you're needing to learn.

Despite this, Spirit has taught me that more often than not what you think you want, your 'presenting want' or presenting problem and the associated actualization(s) and answer(s) are minuscule in comparison to what Spirit wants for you.

Inherently curious,  I can't help but to dig deep and in doing so take you to magical unexplored places within yourself where possibilities beyond the boundaries of your imagination exist.

My power lies in the fact that I don't believe your story, though I respect the seeming reality of your story.

I know that regardless of how much of so called reality you see, of how much of the Truth you're able to bear witness to, that you're only seeing a fraction of THE Story, the Story of Spirit — as am I.

I measure my success as a coach by my capacity to detach you from what you think you want, from the 'you' that wants that and from the associated story that keeps you bound to such obsolete wants and outdated ways of being — rather than by the tangibles and intangibles you'll get through our work together, which, you'll definitely get.

Unlike other coaches who measure success by what you create, I see creation as the icing on the cake, the cake being who you become.

If you're convinced that what you want is actually what you want AND what Spirit wants — then I'll help you to clear the way of the many dimensions of obstacles, blocks, resistance, and entanglements — so you can manifest the unmanifest. 

If you're not convinced yet that what you want is what Spirit wants for you, then I'll help you to swim in and navigate the murky waters of the unknown and make peace with the insecurity and the uncertainty that awaits each of us as we move beyond our feeble constructs of reality. 

If you're somewhere in the middle, not to worry, I'll meet you where you are and help you to take a step forward, out of the quicksands of your status quo.

Either way you can expect to be challenged, confronted and pushed to greater heights.

I have no way of knowing if what you say you want is what you want, what Spirit wants or both — nor will I ever assume to know because the moment I think I know, I've collapsed down your reality in to something that most likely is far smaller than is actually possible — and that would be a disservice to you, to Spirit and to the world at large.

Inevitably you'll have to tackle the BIG question — what to do with what you see? What to do with the unlimited stuff of pure, unfiltered, raw awareness? If you're looking for a cookie cutter prescription of what to do, then I bid you farewell.

Yet, together we'll answer this very question — how to engage in a tangible and practical way with what you've been blessed to see. We'll integrate your new vision with a new strategy, one which draws you closer to Spirit's plan for you. Together we'll ease you into the day to day logistics of surrender.

Are you intrigued?

If not, then clearly what I do is not for you and I wish you the best. My work is not for everyone and it's certainly not for the faint of heart nor for those looking for some formula or generic program for life.

Let me be upfront and transparent. If you're unwilling to invest the energy, the time, and the money with the understanding of the inherent risk that you may lose who you know yourself to be and what you have, then my work is definitely not for you.

If, on the other hand, you want what Spirit wants for you or if you want to want this and if you're ready to let go of control, to let go of plans, to let go of likes and dislikes, to let go of comforts, to let go of the familiar, to let go of attachments, to let go and to let God, as the saying goes, then I invite you to schedule a complimentary 60 minute exploratory conversation and together let's descend into the depths of possibility. Click the button, fill out the form and I’ll send you a link to schedule.

"My first two hour session with Ken was one of the most life changing & empowering conversations that I had ever had!"

— Claire Albert, Dodge City, KS