"Thank you for helping me take back my heart!"  — Abby Stein, Providence, RI

Me, between the ages of 2-3.

Me, between the ages of 2-3.

Some might call what I do coaching, yet this would be a misnomer.

The truth is what I do is a cocktail of sorts — made of ingredients ranging from my background and training in Engineering, Cellular Regeneration, Shadow Work, Transformational Coaching, Meditation, Plant Medicine, Yoga, and Ancestral Trauma Work.

I've been called a coach, consultant, healer, mystic, magician, shaman, a modern day alchemist and many other titles.

In short, I am in the business of having conversations and facilitating transformational experiences that upgrade the lives of those I work with. 

If you'd like to learn more, read below...

My name is Ken and you've landed on this page because you want to know more about me. I too want to know more about me — and maybe that's why we're both here — to learn more about ourselves and one another. 

Like other 'about pages', I could tell you about my trainings, the courses, the certifications, the paperwork, the achievements, you know, try to sell you on why I'm the solution to your problem(s), but instead, I'd like to speak to you as I speak to those closest to me.

Since I was a young teen I've been asking the question, "Who am I? Who is Ken?"

My life at least up until this point, if I had to sum it up to a single line, has been and continues to be an endless quest to drill to the root of this proverbial existential question.

Am I the guy who wants to go to a brand name college? Well, I was, and did. Syracuse University if you were wondering.

Am I the guy who wants to work for a Fortune 50 Aerospace Company? Well, I was, and did — Boeing Aerospace & Spirit AeroSystems, if you were curious.

Am I the guy who wants to stop wanting? Well, I was, and I tried, and that's why I've meditated for 100's of hours and completed extensive bouts of fasting so as to attempt to free myself of desire.

Am I the guy who wants to be clinically free of type 1 diabetes? Well I am, and still grapple with this part of 'my' identity and this desire.

Am I defined, simply by what I want or don't want and what I have or haven't achieved or acquired? Who is the 'me' even asking these questions?

I could go on and on, but I think the point is clear. I have an insatiable curiosity to know who I am...and ultimately, who you are, because I've experienced the One within two and seek to experience it regularly. I know that regardless of appearances, circumstances or conditions there exists a path of connection between you and I and all that we're in relationship to (which is everything), which leads to freedom from the heart wrenching ideology of separation and disconnection.

I quest, not to keep myself busy with mental activity, but to actualize the deepest of all my desires — liberation from the bondage of the human condition.

Some would call me a seeker, and I would agree; when working with my teachers, or going for a walk at 3am, to process life, I am a seeker. But when sitting on the couch, watching New Girl on Netflix, I'm not a seeker, I'm the guy who's taking it easy. When leading a death honoring fire ceremony, I am mystic. But when sitting and reading an article on activistpost.com, I'm simply a concerned and disturbed world citizen. In short, I am, who I am, when I'm that.

Through many years of trials and tribulations, I've come to realize that my longing for liberation, is in actuality, an ever evolving relationship to desire. Let me explain.

In my head I ask, "who am I", but when translated to the language of the heart, the question changes to, "What do I want!? What is it that my heart longs for!?" This question (and my attempts to answer it) have plagued and consumed my attention, literally, and shaped me into the man that I am and the work that I do in the world.

How many times must a person have to want something, only to achieve it — AND the subsequent wake of emptiness, before they realize that the world, ultimately, has nothing to offer?

For some an entire life and for others a single experience.

I've been blessed from a young age to want, in the depths of my heart, the greatest of all desires — the only desire that when achieved can lead to the fullness, wholeness and completeness of the cosmos — the desire for Spirit.

Coming to want this, above all other objects of worldly desire, has been a difficult process of initiation and as a byproduct has caused me to grapple with even deeper, more practical questions. Like, how do I stay in relationship with the world — instead of simply running off to an ashram in India?

As far as I'm concerned, this is THE work of all work — to explore, like Yogananda, the innerverse of Self and Spirit, while expanding in to the outerverse of materia, like Elon Musk. How do we do this and at the same time hold on to our deep knowing that the perception of a reality characterized by duality, is but a fracture in awareness, not the world itself?

How do we do the deep dark shadow work, the work of the Shaman, and get up to make breakfast, drop our kids off to school, laugh at the jokes of our partner, or walk the dog? How do we quest for spiritual liberation and concern ourselves with worldly matters, like mortgages, money, and the mundanes of day to day existence?

I'm not here to pretend like I know the answer(s), but certainly I'm willing to take on the questions.

So, here's a question for you — and that question is, what do you want?

I'll start.

I want what Spirit wants for me. Period. End of Story.

Certainly there's a place for desiring the stuff of the world. I still want stuff. Yet for those who are aware enough to know that what they want in the world, is but a mask for a deeper insatiable longing for Spirit — the ones who know that the stuff of the world will never be enough — well, those are the people I tend to work with.

If you're curious to learn more, I invite you to explore how you and I can work together or read my coaching philosophy, where I dive deeper into the nature of desire and how we can leverage desire to actualize, not just our dream, but the dream that Spirit holds for us.

With love,

Each week I make room for a handful of conversations. If you'd like to speak with me and together explore what it is that you want (and why), then I invite you to click the button below and schedule a time to talk or at the very least I welcome you to message me.

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