On May 29th, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary
made history by summiting Mount Everest.

What most don't know is that he wasn't alone on that summit... 

A Nepalese Sherpa and Mountaineer named Tenzing Norgay was right by Hillary's side as they took that historical first step onto the summit.

The truth is the most inspiring individuals in human history never did what they did alone. Whether written or unwritten in the books of history, each and every one had support.

My name is Ken Fried and I'm a Sherpa for the mountaineers of life — for those seeking to summit the peaks—and the valleys—of the human heart.

  • I've helped social activists touch the molten core of their passion so they can serve a world that resists change.

  • I've worked with coaches, consultants and healers to discover what differentiates them from every other service provider in their field.

  • I've assisted single mom's, devastated dad's and teenagers in turmoil through life's major transitions and helped to illuminate unseen paths of possibility.

  • I've worked with urban yogi's and 'spiritual hermits' to be in the world, but free of it so they could share their piece of peace with those who need it most.

  • I've assisted those fanatical about cleansing and detoxification to connect with the spark of Divinity within so they can find freedom from the need to heal and live as if they're already healed.

  • I've helped soulmates ravaged by droughts of love and intimacy, spark up forest fires of the heart and rekindle the love that brought them together


Hillary didn't summit Everest alone, why should you?

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