At 16 months old I was sentenced to life in prison - a sentencing that came in the form of a juvenile diabetes diagnosis. Unwilling to accept the cards I’d been dealt, I spent virtually my entire life resisting the inescapable.

At 27, I could no longer carry the burden and in a flood of tears I resigned myself to the sentencing. I faced the reality of my situation and for the first time in my life said yes to diabetes - no more fighting, no more struggling, no more turmoil - I simply gave in.

At the time I had no way to know that in giving in I would begin to access what lie dormant. That I would start the process of declaring dominion over my life, regardless of the conditions happening in my body.

In time what I came to discover was that the diabetes wasn’t so much a prison as it was the key that would free me from the prison of my mind. A prison term that couldn't help but to result in symptoms. In my body, in my relationships, in my finances - in short, in every area of my life.

So, why do I do what I do? Because I know suffering is a choice. I know what it means to be our own worst enemy - and just because I learned the hard way doesn't mean you have to. I know what it means to be a prisoner of our own mind and I also know what it means to be liberated of that prison.

I am fueled by a deep desire to guide others to achieve mental, emotional and physical freedom from the conditions of their bodies and lives so they can declare dominion over their lives and give the gift of their true and authentic selves to this world.

  • Nikkita George

    I once looked to Ken for all the answers, but he would never give me them. He actually helped me to see the answers were inside ME all along. Ken reached for my hand… and touched my soul. When I count my Blessings in life…I will always count him twice!

    Nikkita George

Before you were born your body was contracted as a messenger whose assignment if and when necessary would be to gain your attention, so as to hand-deliver a critical message into the field of your awareness.

That message - that you have forgotten who you are - is delivered by way of the physical manifestation of symptoms and signs, later labeled and classified as any one of thousands of diseases.

If you choose you can use your symptoms as the vehicle they were intended to be to drive you to the core of who you are. Along the way detoxifying both the physical and nonphysical obstructions that have stood in the way of you living as the powerful spiritual being that you are.

If and when you open, read, reflect and express the wisdom of your symptoms into your life, the messenger and message have served their purpose. They have bridged the disconnect between who you think you are and who you really are, acting as the raft that brings you to the shores of your inherent Divinity and greatness.

  • Claire Albert

    My first two-hour session with Ken was one of the most life changing and empowering conversations that I had ever had! Amongst other things, I now know the allergies presented themselves to help me grow and rediscover the divine within myself.

    Claire Albert

I believe each of us has the indwelling power to walk on water, regenerate limbs, restore insulin production to the pancreas of a type 1 diabetic, manifest ruby's out of thin air, fly, move mountains, be in two places at once or stand-up out of a wheel chair after 20 years of paralysis.

Call it what you want, miracle, witchcraft, impossible - I don't care. It doesn't change what is possible because what is possible is only possible because we believe it possible.

We are limitless by our very nature and so by extension there exists no limit to who we can be, what we can do, have, know or experience. A journey no doubt, but one limited only by what we believe.

The Truth is, who we think we are is not who we actually are and what exists between the lie that we have believed to be true and the truth that is always true is a story.

A story that both originates in the ego and is symbolized by our diagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms. A story whose primary purpose is to keep us separate from knowing, expressing and then experiencing the totality of all of who we are!

The end goal isn't so much the attainment of the feats above, but the embodiment of the consciousness that creates such feats. A consciousness, which by it's very nature is expressed into this world through us and by us - and it all starts with the mind.

  • Benjamin Hunt

    Through working with Ken I learned to Love myself and now I can genuinely feel Love for others.  I can cry for the first time in years. I am present with my children.  My relationship with my wife is resonating like never before.  I now do exactly what I want to do and so my body is healing, my relationships are growing, and my Life is being lived in abundance.

    Benjamin Hunt

By now you've learned a thing or two about me. And for those of you who skipped forward, well, you missed out on some BIG stuff.

Welcome, my name is Ken Fried. Pronounced like freed, hence the web address.

Even stranger, Ken isn't just a name, but a common noun which according to Webster dictionary is defined as one's range of perception, understanding, or knowledge.

For as long as I can remember I've been inclined to ask questions - incessantly. See, not knowing, which I'll loosely define as ignorance never sat right with me and so naturally I learned to ask questions.

Just as when I was a child I am driven by inquisitiveness; an insatiable curiosity and a deep soul yearning to expand Ken, both literally and figuratively through inquiry, introspection and reflection.

See, I don't ask questions simply for the sake of asking questions. I ask questions that produce results, questions that facilitate transformation.

Questions that challenge the way we think - so we can think more constructively.

Questions that get to the heart of what inspires human behavior - so we can act differently.

Questions that unearth the mechanisms by which we create - so we can create consciously and deliberately.

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree and though technically I'm no longer a professional engineer I'm still practicing engineering.

I build bridges that span the divide between who you think you are and who you really are, so you can connect with your most authentic Self and live from that place.

I build bridges that span the gap from the impossible to the possible. Bridges that span the divide between the life you're living and the life you want to be living.

My name is Ken and I seek to expand your Ken.

  • Nadia Ansari

    I clearly remember on several occasions talking about things and thinking “he’s just going to say something relatively obvious/superficial” – and all of a sudden, Ken would go into this “what I see is…” – and it was incredible – honestly, really incredible – it was like fire cutting through ice – it was so fast and smooth and connected and fluid – and so, so spot on and insightful; it really was fairly mind-blowing. And thats why I think Ken is a fantastic coach – because he really, really can see things in a way that I’ve never experienced before – and it truly was enlightening and empowering to be a part of that.

    Nadia Ansari


You and Ken; partners in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to discover and maximize your personal and professional capacities so you can set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and more fully create and engage with life

Inspirational Speaking

Ken’s greatest gift is in captivating and engaging with a variety of audiences to discover, cultivate and express their most authentic selves to the world. Ken’s authenticity, sensitivity and empathy creates powerful and long-lasting heart opening experiences


Want Ken to tell you exactly what to do, why, when and for how long to do it? As an expert in the mental, emotional and physical dimensions of dis-ease and the art and science of detoxification Ken offers highly intuitive and logical guidance that can’t help but to result in ease

VIP Day Intensives

Accomplish in 8 hours what would otherwise take 6 months or longer. Breakthroughs and realizations out the wazoo, deep insights and major epiphanies. Topped with a cherry of tangible action plans that ground your new found awareness. You’ll leave a different person

Transformational Retreats

Immerse yourself in a supportive and deeply nourishing setting that gracefully opens you to receive all of who you are. Seven to ten day retreats in Belize, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Yoga, hiking, SUP, tropical fruit …you get the idea

  • Connie Moore

    Through Ken’s powerful questioning techniques, I was able to “connect the dots” on a number of personal and professional issues and develop realistic action plans for implementation, for which he gently held me accountable.  Thanks to Ken, I’ve found my voice in this world and am no longer afraid of being heard.

    Connie Moore

You’ve got questions and I have answers.

Just send me a message and I'll be in touch with you within 48hrs – even on weekends and holidays.